Make the most out of your outdoor space, year-round!

Upgrade your outdoor living area with a unique and stunning patio. From simple concrete to natural flagstone, patios offer a wide variety of options to give your home the outdoor gathering space it deserves.

Whether adding a stylish paved pool patio or enhancing your outdoor entertaining area with a wood deck, our expert patio builders will work with you every step of the way. From the initial meeting through to the finished project we will ensure your new patio fits your lifestyle and the patio installation is seamless and easy for you! 

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When designing a deck or a patio people often forget that what you see from the inside of your house is just as important as the view from the outside. 

In our mountain west climate, we have to remember that 4-6 months of the year, snow and ice will keep us inside our homes. That doesn’t mean your backyard design shouldn’t wow you and your guests by looking at it from the warmth of your home. During those 4-6 months you’re mostly inside your home, why not create stunning exterior views to enjoy and bring beauty to the view from the interior. 

Your deck or patio should be an extension of your indoor living space, and our experienced Landscape Architects and Designers at LID Landscapes will create the perfect design for you and your family. 


Our team of landscape architects will discuss important factors about your deck that you may not realize. Not only will they be able to give you the best options for how to integrate your deck installation with the rest of your landscape, but they will bring up other design factors  including:

  • the adjacency of the deck installation to your home 
  • The circulation of foot traffic for your family and friends, including the entrance from your deck to the rest of your yard. 
  • Seating areas – If you expect large gatherings, a simple patio furniture layout may not be enough to accommodate all of your guests. We can also explore alternative options such as built-in seating. 
  • Dining areas – we’ll discuss how to include multiple sets of tables and chairs such as smaller dining nooks like a café table or a smaller table for the children to dine at. 

We have endless options for your deck installation depending on your family’s unique needs and landscape design dreams. 


Your deck layout and size are just the start of designing your perfect outdoor living space. Consider some of the other features that are important in designing your deck:

  • Natural wood vs. Recycled plastic both have benefits and drawbacks that can impact your deck years down the road. Natural wood looks higher in quality, but ages quickly and may require repairs and replacements throughout its lifespan. Recycled plastic decks last longer and weather the elements better, but they cannot be “treated” or refreshed without being fully replaced.
  • Stone Accents on your wood deck can compliment similar features on your home’s exterior, and make your deck look like it was designed specifically for you instead of an addition or an afterthought.
  • Surface patterns on your deck may seem like a small detail, but our Landscape Architects and Designers at LID Landscapes will tell you that they are just as important as the material itself. The pattern of the boards are critical in guiding your eyes out from the entrance of your home to the steps or opening of the rest of your landscape. They also should match the overall shape of your deck (square vs. circle), and could potentially compliment other features like a pergola, water feature, or outdoor furniture.

You can be sure that all of these factors are important to us when meeting with you about transforming your landscape and outdoor space. When you schedule a free consultation with one of our Landscape Designers, we will go over all of these details with you and more!


At LID Landscapes, we have been premier patio builders for over 40 years in the Boulder and Longmont, CO area. 

There are several factors that will come up when deciding between a deck or a patio installation, but the most important factor depends on the grade between your first floor and your yard. If there are only a few feet between the two, we generally recommend that a patio will work better for your needs. Patios require even more considerations than decks, and our Landscape Architects will work with you to determine the many necessities vs. amenities available to you.


Once you have decided that a patio is the right choice for your outdoor living space, you will have several considerations with the shape, style, material, and additions.

  • Seating: Every patio needs a place to sit.  Whether that means patio furniture, or built-in seat walls (retaining walls), you will want to consider this during the design process. The style of furniture may even influence the overall design of your new patio. For example, if you would like a long, rectangular, communal dining table as your main sitting area, you would likely rule out a circular shaped deck or patio.
  • Outdoor Living features: Gas fire pits, outdoor kitchen, bar areas, and outdoor lighting are all features that you may want to add in a second or third phase of your project. Even if you aren’t immediately ready to install some of the amenities common for patios, you still might want your design to accommodate them in the future.
  • Pergolas: If you plan on hosting outdoor gatherings, we will help you determine the best pergola ideas for your patio. Pergolas help to add shade on hot summer days, in addition to being an aesthetic center piece of your backyard.
  • Paver or Stone Material selection: Last but not least, choosing the right material is crucial in the patio design process. There are hundreds of size and color options between concrete pavers and natural stone available to you including bluestone, flagstone, and brick pavers. 

When it comes to these patio design features and more, our Landscape Designers will be able to show you the ideal options that will seamlessly blend in to your landscape, and complement your existing home exterior.


Whether you know exactly what kind of deck or patio you want, or are just exploring your options, we are excited to start building the landscape space of your dreams. Connect with us today by filling out the contact form below. We can’t wait to meet with you to discuss your future project!