Stone retaining walls are a versatile feature of any landscape design and can be used to create different outdoor living spaces or highlight focal points in your backyard or front yard. Retaining walls made of natural stone can also help protect your property by supporting your overall landscape and preventing erosion. 

Create a different look to your yard with an Outcropping Retaining Wall. An Outcropping Retaining Wall is a nice aesthetic and functional solution to small and large changes in grade. An Outcropping Retaining Wall can also provide an opportunity to create pockets for perennials and annuals to be intertwined into the wall. This type of retaining wall provides visual interest to the eye while also creating a very functional wall. 

Consider using a mixture of natural stones to create a unique design with contrasting colors and textures that will stand out in your outdoor space. 

Below are some examples of various types of Retaining Walls we have installed for our clients.

This is a Granite Boulder Retaining Wall with a flagstone coping. The wall above provides both grade retention and definition of the patio space.  This is a great example of the functionality and beauty a Retaining Wall can add to any garden or outdoor living space. 

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This dry fit stone Retaining Wall is both functional and pleasing to the eye to welcome guests to this home’s front entrance.  The color compliments the colors of the home.

This Outcropping Stone creates a more natural looking Retaining Wall.  To the left of the Retaining Wall is an integrated Flagstone Staircase.  The staircase is made of the same stone as the Outcropping Retaining Wall and provides accessibility from the upper level to the lower level of this home’s yard.  This is a beautiful illustration of how a retaining wall does not have to be flat, and we can design a more natural looking wall into the grade of your landscape.

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This retaining wall used curved steel and moss rock boulders to double as a planter along the fence and also as an edge to the natural stone pathway. 

This steel retaining wall and specimen moss rock boulders create a nice terrace and planter space within this beautiful sloping front yard.

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