Project Description

The client came to us with one goal in mind: create a usable and meaningful space in their yard where currently there was only steep hillside. To accomplish this task, we would need to carve into the hillside in order to install two sets of stairs that would connect the upper part of the backyard to the lower.

Clad in beautiful buff stone work and featuring several irrigated planting beds for annuals and perennials, the stairs open to a pool surrounded by a matching buff patio on the lower end. Meanwhile, the upper end leads to a lush green lawn topped by a babbling brook and waterfalls feeding in from the edge of the property. This area also features a small sitting area next to it for the client to relax and listen to the sounds of the water. A small pool at the base of one of the waterfalls allows the client access to dip their toes in the water as well.

With a view of the Flatirons in the background, we were able to transform this client’s barren hillside into a multi-functional space perfect for any time of year.