Runoff water from the mountains combined with heavy rains often create major drainage problems in the Boulder area. The streets are sometimes even impassable because of the amount of water. Thankfully, there are many methods that residential homeowners can use to prevent flooding problems on their own properties.

Creative Irrigation Systems

For example, subsurface drainage systems are used to keep water out of foundations. French drains can be used to redirect and channel surface runoff in particular, draining water away from the home.

The perforated pipes in a French drain are placed inside gravel trenches which allow the entire trench to be filled with water instead of the water pooling on the surface. The trench not only collects water from the surface, but from the surrounding soil as well, and can be directed to areas on the site where water will not create a problem.

The landscape architects and designers at LID Landscapes have installed these kinds of drainage systems for their clients. “We’ve become experts at solving water runoff issues on properties and are able to offer customized solutions,” said Scott Natter, General Manager.

Another solution to drainage problems that LID has expertise in is installing dry creek swales. These swales fill up with water during periods of heavy rain and become decorative dry creek beds during all other periods.

LID has worked with soil and civil engineers to create correct drainage and soil structures. LID is also familiar with the permitting process for drainage systems.

“We love coming up with creative ideas that prevent water damage in foundations but also enhance our clients’ landscapes,” said Natter.

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