Project Description

One of the driving goals for the client was to create an amazing outdoor environment for their family that would appear as though it had always been there. Most of the property was an unused native grass pasture, some of which is still being maintained via flood irrigation.

In order to create a focal point on the property, we installed a pergola to which everything else was connected. The pergola includes a grill and fireplace and has a hot tub right around the corner. A natural stream water feature runs through a host of native planting and, along with a winding compacted grit path, helps to form the space around surrounding the pergola. Two large wraparound patios along the house expands the client’s entertainment space and offers outstanding views of the Front Range. Large veggie beds and a pig-roasting pit add a personal nod to the hobbies of the clients.

Utilizing large plant stock and transplants, supported by a state-of-the-art irrigation system using ditch water, we were able to transform the client’s pasture into a multi-layered outdoor space that is steps away from the client’s home, yet feels miles away.