Project Description

The client’s front yard was in a state of extreme disrepair and in need of a major overhaul. They wanted to add modern elements to create a clean look that matched the angles of their home and the distant Flatirons while also solving some of the grading issues they were experiencing due to a very steep slope in the yard. Water use reduction was also a major goal of the client. The client also wanted to upgrade the access and look on the side of their house and add some seating and interest to the front of the home.

To achieve the client’s goals, steel walls were installed to create a terraced yard that solved the grading issues, created the structure and angles they wanted, and provided ample bed space for plants, trees, and moss rock boulders. A new pathway was installed from their driveway to their main entry using dimensional buff flagstone that blended into the driveway itself as well as a stepped path up to the front door from the sidewalk. A tan grit patio was installed against the front of the house where the client could set up chairs and enjoy a new custom-built water feature made out of steel I-beams. For the side of the house, a trellis made out of matching steel I-beams and metal wire grid was installed for the client’s clematis to climb up and screen the neighbor’s property. A vivid plant palette brought seasonal color throughout the front yard while maintaining a water-efficient landscape using point-source drip irrigation.

In the end, the client had a brand new front landscape with modern appeal and water savings that they can enjoy for years to come.