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6 Tips for Preparing Your Boulder Commercial Landscape for Spring

As Spring emerges in Boulder, property managers and business owners are confronted with a never-ending to-do list. From addressing winter damage to planning for new plantings, all of the Spring commercial landscaping tasks can feel overwhelming. Having a well-defined plan is essential to ensure that your commercial landscape not only survives but thrives during the season ahead.

Let’s explore six Spring landscaping tips so you can navigate this busy time with confidence and prepare your commercial landscape for the vibrant and flourishing Spring season ahead. 

Spring Commercial Landscaping Tips

Preparing for Spring landscaping in Boulder, CO can be challenging. Weather in our early Spring months remains unpredictable, with the possibility of sudden cold snaps or snowfall occurring at any time before Mother’s Day. Planting certain varieties of annual flowers prematurely or applying the wrong blend of fertilizer to your lawn may result in wasted resources when cold weather resurfaces. For your landscape to thrive, it is key to focus on the following Spring landscaping tips:

  1. Clean-Up Your Landscape After Winter
  2. Prepare Your Lawn for Warmer Weather
  3. Care for Your Perennial Plantings
  4. Install Mulch
  5. Start-Up Your Irrigation System
  6. Begin Considering Annual Flower Installations

1. Clean-Up Your Landscape After Winter

Winter in Colorado can be messy, leaving behind damage from snow removal on your commercial property such as torn-up turf areas. Additionally, the use of various icemelt products can leave a substantial mess in parking lots and walkways. 

snow plow truck removing snow from parking lot and salting

To address these issues, start by contacting your snow removal partner, as repairing damage from the winter season should be outlined in your contract. Once repairs are underway or scheduled, it’s time to tackle the clean-up process. Since snow can arrive before you’ve had a chance to clear away all the leaves and branches from fall, it’s advisable to tidy up landscape beds and turf areas to ensure they are free from debris. 

2. Prepare Your Lawn for Warmer Weather

With many Spring commercial landscaping services being ‘weather-dependent’ in our area, it is important not to begin lawn care services too soon. You can typically plan for your first application of fertilizer to occur in early to mid-April. 

The first fertilizer application should be a blend that focuses on pre-emergent weed control. This prevents weeds from germinating and contributes to a healthier lawn later in the season. If you select an organic option, the first application contains only nutrients to help your turf bounce back from the winter.  

If you have noticed that your grass has been struggling for the past few seasons, it is wise to consider aeration and overseeding services. Aeration punches small holes into your lawn to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots more effectively. When combined with overseeding, new grass seed is applied after aeration, allowing seeds to make their way into the soil more easily. Before performing aeration, be sure your soil is not too dry. 

Commercial property maintenance mowing lawn and trimming

3. Care for Your Perennial Plantings

Most of the pruning and cutback for your perennial plantings should have occurred in the fall months. However, some light pruning can be done. It is essential to not make dramatic cut backs as your plantings are attempting to emerge from dormancy. There are a few popular plantings that require special care in the Boulder area: 

  • Shrubs like Russian Sage and Roses should not be pruned until after Mother’s Day.
  • Lilacs should not be pruned until they have flowered. After flowering, prune by hand within two weeks of when flowering ends.
  • Most trees should be pruned in the winter months, which is referred to as dormant pruning. Some light pruning is possible in the early Spring months.
  • Ornamental grasses should be sheared back in the early Spring if they were left up for winter interest. 

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4. Install Mulch

To rejuvenate your landscape in the Spring, consider adding a new layer of mulch to your landscape beds. We strongly advise against using dyed mulch, as it can have adverse effects on the environment. Opt for shredded mulch, which helps it stay in place, particularly during Boulder’s gusty early Spring winds. Additionally, applying a pre-emergent before mulching can help inhibit weed growth in your landscape beds.

commercial landscape maintenance crew spreading mulch 1

5. Start-Up Your Irrigation System

To ensure your plants and lawn thrive, it’s crucial to reactivate and inspect your sprinkler system as Spring approaches. After restarting the system, we advise wrapping and protecting the backflow to safeguard against potential freezes during the unpredictable Spring months. This precaution helps to maintain the integrity of your irrigation system and ensures consistent water distribution for your landscape.

commercial maintenance irrigation system crew making adjustments 2

6. Begin Considering Annual Flower Installations

After a long winter, it can be tempting to start planting annual flowers as soon as the snow melts. However, nearly all varieties of annuals cannot survive our cooler Spring temperatures. Pansies, however, offer a viable option if you are hoping to introduce color to your containers in the early Spring months.

While planting cannot occur just yet, it is wise to begin planning for annual installations. Your landscape expert can provide you with options that perform well here in Boulder and create a detailed annual installation plan. Planting of most annuals should occur close to Memorial Day when we can be sure the last freeze has passed and there are more flower varieties to choose from.

retaining walls with flower beds and steps

Partnering with a Landscape Contractor for Spring Commercial Landscaping Services

Preparing for Spring landscaping in Boulder, CO requires careful consideration and planning, particularly due to the unpredictable weather patterns that persist into early Spring. By following the Spring landscaping tips outlined above, you can ensure that your commercial property thrives and maintains its beauty throughout the season. 

As a property manager or business owner, the Spring months often bring a flurry of new responsibilities. Collaborating with a skilled landscape professional not only frees up your time to focus on your core responsibilities but also guarantees that your landscape receives the care it deserves.

At LID Landscapes, our team possesses the expertise required to tackle the specific challenges associated with Spring Landscaping in our area. From remedying winter damage to implementing tailored lawn care strategies, we are equipped to ensure the health and vibrancy of your landscape year-round.

Ready to refresh your commercial landscaping this Spring? Contact our commercial landscaping experts today by filling out our contact form!

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Andrew Holler

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