Smart Sprinkler Controllers are becoming the new hit in the irrigation industry, both for irrigation professionals and their clients. Smart controllers rely on Wi-Fi connectivity to allow remote access and monitoring via smart phones. Here are the top 5 reasons to make the switch to this new technology:

Remote Access of Sprinkler Controllers

Smart controllers allow for instant access to a client’s system through a phone, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to greatly increase effectiveness and efficiency

Ease of Programming

Interactive programming ensures that you can accurately program how much water is needed to each zone in a client’s yard, while avoiding over watering or runoff.

Real-time Weather Adjustments

The new technology in these systems allows the controllers to connect to a vast network of weather stations, so that the sprinklers can automatically adjust watering based on the forecasts given.

Automatic Adjustments for Municipality Restrictions:

Smart controllers make sure that the amount of outdoor water usage is falling under the municipality restrictions, as these restrictions have been changing over time and place. This makes sure that the client can avoid fines for watering on restricted days without having to do any outside research.

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Better Understanding of Your Customers

Access to the controllers can help you understand your client’s needs, as well as provide quicker service and information to increase the level of satisfaction.