Over the last fifteen years, LID Landscapes and parent company James Martin Associates have donated over 120 potting parties to local charities.

These potting parties support nonprofits by allowing the organizations to offer them as auction items at galas and other fundraisers. They are valued at $600 each.

Organizations such as the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and Boulder Health Community Ambassadors have used potting parties to raise funds for their programs.

Winners of the potting parties and ten guests of their choice enjoy a complimentary picnic lunch and a guided tour of the beautifully landscaped grounds of LID.

A landscape professional leads the tour and answers the guests’ landscaping questions.

The tour is then followed by a hands-on potting demonstration.

This active approach allows the guests to learn proper potting techniques as well as new tricks that they can use at home in their own gardens.

After adding nutrient-rich soil to their pots, the guests use the transplanting skills they have learned to place the plants in their containers. After the party is completed, the guests take the plants home with them.

“We’re glad to be able to give back to the community by using the knowledge and expertise of our in-house landscape professionals,” said Jim Martin, President of LID Landscapes. “We get to provide an afternoon of fun and learning for the auction winners and their guests while also supporting important local causes.”

To learn how to secure a potting party for your nonprofit, please contact [email protected].