Green Initiatives

Sustainable Landscape Practices for Boulder, Colorado

Eco-Friendly Landscape Design

Enriching the environment

At LID Landscapes, we strive to enrich lives through beautiful landscapes. We are also committed to enriching our environment through sustainable initiatives that protect the landscapes we create.

Green strategies and practices save dollars and minimize the carbon footprint of site maintenance. Our long-term commitment to sustainable practices demonstrates our enhanced industry stewardship.

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landscape waste recycling

reusing existing job site materials

Organic Matter Recycling

  • We compost all of the organic matter we haul away from a job site, saving room in our landfills and reducing the emissions necessary to transport and dump the materials
  • Instead of branches, grass clippings, sod, soil, and other yard waste going to the landfill, we recycle as much of it as possible
  • LID screens about 300-500 cubic yards of waste annually, which creates about 250 yards of mulch and soil
  • These enriched soils are used as amendments in new landscape plantings on both residential and commercial properties
  • These added nutrients allow for more healthy plant materials

Non-Organic Recycling

  • LID recycles old concrete and flagstone scraps from project removals and demolitions
  • Instead of sending these materials to a landfill, LID crushes these materials into a small size similar to gravel which is then used for sub-bases under patios, driveways, and other landscape hardscapes
  • Metal scraps, wooden pallets, and plastic materials are taken to the recycling plant where they are broken down to be reused

other green strategies and practices

reducing our carbon footprint

Smart Irrigation Techniques

  • By using drip irrigation, we are able to deliver pin-point water directly to where the plant needs it, avoiding waste and saving cost on the water bill
  • Our Irrigation Technicians know the best way to program your irrigation system to fit your needs and the season

Sustainable Office Practices

  • In our office, we use as little paper as possible, only printing what is necessary and doing so on paper that uses recycled materials
  • Coupled with our dedication to the smart recycling of our trash, we do our part to reuse, reduce, and recycle on and off the job site

For the past decade, LID has been one of the most nationally recognized companies in National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP)’s environmental awards.

We are proud to do our part for the environment.

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