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Since 1980

LID Landscapes has been designing and managing practical, creative, and award-winning landscapes in Boulder County, Colorado since 1980. We are passionate about improving the outdoor living spaces for homeowners, business managers, and municipalities by making them more beautiful, sustainable and functional.

From projects large to small, we pull from our years of experience installing and maintaining landscapes to provide our clients with the optimal landscape and care to fit their needs.

LID Landscapes prides itself on being a nationally recognized, employee-owned landscaping firm as well as a steward of our environment. Through the use of recycled materials created at our facility and an emphasis on green and lean strategies, we do our part to help maintain the environment for our clients.



We believe that we create life-long clients by providing responsible environmental recommendations and cost-effective, horticulturally correct landscape design, construction, maintenance, and management services all at unparalleled value.

We foster creativity, innovation, and growth in every aspect of our industry, from building and maintaining exceptional landscapes to promoting the long-term growth of our associates.

We recognize our ability to enhance lives as a corporate citizen by supporting the community and the charitable interests of our clients and Associates. Learn more below about how we give back, from awarding scholarships to hosting potting parties.


Our Greatest Assets

The two most important traits that contribute to the success of any company is the quality of its work and its commitment to its employees. Each member of the LID team is a valued asset. As such, we are devoted to fostering a company culture of nurturing talent, developing professional strengths, and supporting continuing education opportunities.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to safety certifications, professional staff credentials, our high rate of internal promotions, and our ability to offer shareholder status to every member of our staff.

We are committed to growing exceptional talent and strongly value work-life balance. We believe that our Associates are our greatest assets and focus on opportunities for support, coaching, training, education and development inside as well as outside the company.

Our Associates’ continuously improved expertise and skill provide our clients with uncompromising value and quality that has helped make us one of the top landscape firms in the Boulder Valley.

creating Life-long connections

with our clients

We believe that to be successful our clients must come first. From inception to completion, our goal is to bring your vision to life.

Each project is approached with the spirit of collaboration and focus on our clients’ vision. Our personal attention, interactive design process, and ability to understand and communicate with our clients results in a finished product that surpasses expectations. We seek to cultivate lasting personal connections with our clients.

We believe that if we properly connect with our clients, they have the ability to be clients for life. One of the ways we accomplish this is through the annual support of our client’s charities of choice as well as additional charitable donations for new client referrals.

“My Account Manager was great. She really did seem to understand what I wanted and was so patient in her approach to design the space and the plants that would work for me. Thanks!”

Mary B

A brief history

of our company

Our Beginnings

in the boulder colorado area

Generally considered to be the Boulder, Colorado area’s flagship landscape company, Hidelly Kane founded the business back in 1980 as a design and installation firm by the name of LID Landscapes, which originally stood for “Landscape Irrigation Design.” One of the original focuses was proper irrigation design that fit the landscape. This is a tradition that we have continued to this day.

As our workload and demand continued to increase, a residential maintenance division was formed to offer the same great service upon completion of our installation projects. When Kane sold the company to Phil Loughman in 1993, the acronym’s meaning was changed to “Landscape Improvements Diversified” and we began to expand into maintenance on commercial properties.


And expansion

In January of 2013, Loughman sold the company to his longtime friend and colleague, Jim Martin. The two met during their college years and maintained a personal and professional relationship throughout the years between. Martin has owned and operated James Martin Associates, an Illinois-based landscape and snow management company, for 40 years.

Since Loughman’s retirement, the company has grown its maintenance division and started providing commercial snow management while maintaining its roots in exceptional landscape and irrigation design and construction. We have always prided ourselves on being a local Boulder business and look forward to the opportunity to bring our tradition of quality to your home or business.

Running our business efficiently

incorporating sustainability and lean management into our practices

Green initiatives

Sustainable Techniques

As we have entered the last decade, we have been creating more of a focus on green initiatives to help minimize the waste in our company and industry with initiatives like in-house stone and concrete recycling and composting of landscape waste.

We are also constantly trying to be more efficient in our use of water through improved technology and techniques in the irrigation industry. By constantly improving our design style with new strategies and plants, we are able to create landscapes that are appropriate for our temperamental high plains climate.

Lean Management techniques

Passing on the Savings to You

We’ll get in more fieldwork for fewer dollars. Superior crew training and efficient use of equipment saves labor and fuel, allowing our crews to out-perform the competition. Some of our lean management practices include:

  • Spring and winter season start-up training (reviewing safety practices, proper use of equipment, yard flow and paperwork)
  • Landscape Industry Certified Technician training programs
  • Weekly training to emphasize seasonal safety and production tips
  • On-site storage of commonly used materials and fuel
  • Appropriately sized crews that dramatically increase labor productivity
  • Route density (see below)


Optimized Scheduling

One of our most important lean management practices is our adherence to route density. This allows us to remove the “windshield tax” and offer more competitive pricing as well as spend more time on your site.

Our optimized scheduling allows us to travel less than five minutes between jobs so we’re not wasting fuel and money sitting in traffic. Closely grouped locations also allow account managers and supervisors to inspect your site more frequently and ensure the highest quality service.

We’ll work with you to fit your site into our existing route so we can get to your property quickly and efficiently.

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