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Commercial and Residential Irrigation

for the Boulder Colorado Area

Working in the Boulder, Colorado area since 1980, our technicians have seen everything when it comes to irrigation systems and know when something isn’t operating at max efficiency.

Thanks to our staff of certified irrigation technicians, the team at LID Landscapes can create and implement any variety of cost-saving irrigation strategies and solutions that will save you some money and all of the headache.

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“…Our landscape designer was very helpful in creating a new look to the front and back areas of our home. The crew was efficient and did beautiful work. A big thanks to Jeff who worked on the irrigation and electrical issues and to Connor who worked very hard every day for several weeks!”

Irrigation and Design/Build Client

Irrigation Experts

Specializing in your system

Evaluate Your Property

  • Our skilled irrigation technicians will schedule a time to meet on your property with you so they can understand what you’re looking for and how your system is currently set up
  • Regardless of how many zones, what style of sprinkler head you have or how old your clock/controller is, we guarantee to provide the best quality of service around

Regular Inspections and Solutions

  • Our irrigation technicians will inspect your system 1-6 times throughout the season, ensuring there are no damages or changes needed to save you water and keep your landscape looking good
  • We schedule our inspections around times of the year where adjustments are commonly needed due to weather concerns such as dry spells and heat waves
  • If our irrigation technicians determine that there are repairs needed, they will contact you to approve the needed repairs before doing the work, keeping you in the loop every step of the way

Upgrades and Improvements

  • Our technicians can diagnose problem areas in your system and provide you with solutions that will enhance the functionality and cost-savings of your irrigation system
  • Plus, we know that preventative maintenance is always preferable to reactionary repairs, which can end up costing far more
  • We strive to keep your system operating at its full potential from the second we step foot on your property and for years to come after that

Irrigation strategies

Making the most of every drop

Saving Water – and Money

  • Replacing an older, inefficient system by upgrading to modern technology can lower water use by as much as 40% and improve the health and appearance of your landscape
  • Additionally, our practice of using drip irrigation for your plants provides pinpoint water delivery directly where they need it
  • This keeps them looking good all season and saves you water compared to older spray stake systems

Rain and Freeze Protection

  • All of our new irrigation system installations come with rain/freeze click sensors
  • These switch your water off after enough rain or a cold snap to maximize your water savings after precipitation

Contact us to find out how we can keep your plants healthy and happy, solve drainage issues, and much more!

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