Update your irrigation system for efficient use of water 

One of the best ways to update your landscape AND save money is to update your irrigation system for efficient use of water. Keeping your plants hydrated will ensure not only a beautiful landscape for you to enjoy but it will also ensure the plants you have invested in stay hydrated and alive. Lack of water will kill plants very quickly especially during the warmer Spring & Summer months. Investing in an irrigation system will keep your plants hydrated, beautiful and lush year after year.  It will also save you time setting up sprinklers over watering manually. It’s hassle-free and ensures you do not forget to water a plant.

Update or add plants that are native and thrive on less water.  Some plants that we highly recommend both because they require very little water AND because they add some beautiful color and texture to your garden are below: 

Ornamental Trees

Hot Wings Tatarian Maple: These are offered in multi-stem or single-stem and blossom with beautiful bright red samaras [seeds] throughout the summer. 

LID Landscapes Longmont Colorado

Russian Hawthorn: This has attractive bark which provides red fruit in fall, white flowers in spring, golden fall foliage and stays relatively small. This is another great tree option to help Update Your Landscape to Save Money.

LID Landscapes Longmont Colorado


Chieftain Manzanita: Spreading groundcover with foliage that persists through the winter, flowers and berries in summer and fall. 

LID Landscapes Longmont Colorado

Mini Man Viburnum: Stays a little smaller than typical Koreanspice Viburnum sharing fragrant white flowers in spring which turn to small fruits in fall. In the fall this has red foliage. A perk of Mini Man Viburnum is it’s very low water needs and that it holds up well in heat. Definitely, a plant to consider when you update your Landscape to save money and reduce overall watering needs. 


Undaunted Ruby Muhly Grass: This plants has grey-green mounds of grass-topped with clouds of ruby/pink flowers. It’s another great plant that requires very little water. 

LID Landscapes Longmont Colorado


Iceplant: Iceplant offers a huge variety of colors available and it’s groundcover explodes with bloom. Iceplant thrives in the sun and requires little water.  LID Landscapes Longmont Colorado

Coneflower: What we love about the Coneflower is the variety of colors and the high-rising flowers. Coneflower will do well in heat and another benefit of this plant is that it’s great to attract pollinators

LID Landscapes Longmont Colorado

Coral Bells: These are lower to the ground but provide a wide variety of foliage. It’s available in many colors including: dark purple to red/orange to green. They are quite pretty with spikes of flowers rise from them in late spring. They do best in shady spots. 

LID Landscapes Longmont Colorado

Salvia/Sage: This is another great plant available in a wide variety of colors. The flowers grow on tall stalks and are a big attractor for pollinators and hummingbirds. The Salvia/Sage also shares fragrant foliage.

LID Landscapes Longmont Colorado

Other Ways to Update Your Landscape to Save Money: 

Another great way to update Your Landscape to Save Money includes updating your Turf Footprint to add more planting beds with mulch or cobble. Irrigating turf requires a lot more water than drip irrigation for plants. So, by limiting the amount of turf in your yard, you can have big savings on your reduced water use.

The team at LID Landscapes would love to help you improve your garden with a few updates while reducing your annual expenses and water consumption. Please reach out to our team on our website here or give us a call at 303-440-7833.