As a long time financial supporter of the Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA), LID Landscapes has realized what an important role EFAA has played in the Boulder community.

“Many of our clients are EFAA supporters themselves so we’re glad to be able to give to them,” said Scott Natter, General Manager of LID Landscapes.

It then seemed like a natural fit to help EFAA with the landscape cleanup of their property.

Last month, a crew of LID landscape professionals volunteered to remove weeds, trees, and other dead plants from their Louisville housing site. They also cleaned up trash that had accumulated over the winter. One of their main focuses was making the playground area suitable for children.

“We wanted to help them get their site under control so it could be more easily maintained in the future,” Natter said.

“LID Landscapes has been a tremendous partner to EFAA over the years,” said Sara Joss, Development and Events Manager at EFAA.

EFFA offers family housing, a food pantry, a children’s program, direct financial assistance, and case management to help adults and their families get back on their feet. They are celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2018.

“Creating a sustainable landscaping plan for our housing sites has been a high priority to ensure the families living there feel a real sense of home,” Joss said. “LID has helped us make this priority possible by working with our case managers and facility maintenance team to create a community action plan for our Louisville housing site.”

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